View, create and modify databases on your Pocket PC.

The Pocket PC lets us take Word and Excel with us wherever we go. But what about Access (tm) databases? Until now the best one could hope for was limited management of an existing Access data base on the Pocket PC.

Now, with Handy DB you can download, read, modify, and also create Access databases with the Pocket PC. You can also export new and modified databases back to the desktop. With a remarkably small footprint, and great processing speed, Handy DB really does expand the Pocket PC capability to a full-featured program set.

With this powerful program you can create Access Database in your desktop computer, transfer them to your Pocket PC and you can browse, Add or Edit records, change database design, rename tables and fields, filter records or transfer them to text files.

Features :

  • Work with Access Databases on your PocketPC
  • Create Pocket Access Databases.
  • Create, edit or alter tables settings.
  • Create, delete or alter fields.
  • Add, Edit, Remove, Upgrade records
  • Popup Menus
  • Quick Find & Filter form
  • Speed up records display (Thousands in seconds)
  • Grid List with color rows
  • Date Calendar for DateTime fields
  • Dropdown Box for Boolean fields
  • Select only Columns you want to list
  • .cdb File Associations
  • Export those records to/from text *.txt file
  • On-line Documentation



HandyDB 2.3